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About Us

MIDWEST READERS SERVICE has grown tremendously in the sale of magazine subscriptions to businesses and consumers in all 50 states. Since our inception, we have achieved an enviable reputation for integrity and commitment to our customers.

We have set a standard of excellence in providing for millions of satisfied customers their favorite publications through our time-tested convenient service.

The Industry

Magazines are now accepted as one of the most universal forms of education, entertainment and leisure time enjoyment. This is a direct result of the respective publishers' expansion into the personalized interest of the American consumer. They target specific magazines to very specific niches and consumer lifestyle preferences.

Quality Control

Customer Service is the key to our success. After the sale is made, our well seasoned customer service staff represents us in an exemplary manner. Through continuous cross-training, they have become adept at all aspects of our business. This, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, enables us to service the needs of our customers, such as address changes, magazine changes, etc., with efficiency and dispatch.

Every procedure is performed in a consistent manner. We take great care in our training to develop a uniform system of operating. Through this consistency, we're better able to monitor and control the quality of all facets of our business.

The high degree of competence that we develop generates very positive results helping to create a genuinely motivated and success-driven organization.

What We Do

MIDWEST READERS SERVICE provides a package offer of usually five to seven favorite magazines for up to forty-eight months at a cost of much less than would be paid if they were bought individually off the store rack.

How We Do It

Our sales are virtually all obtained through comprehensive and professionally conducted telemarketing sales programs.


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